January 22, 2011

Reading Sucks...

Ok so I haven't had the chance to read Lirael in a while (if anyone else besides Anne reads this soon, I'm reading Lirael and have decided to use this blog to just post random things about random things I'm reading!) and it's quite sad. At home I go through a book at least every 3 days but since I've been back here it's much harder. Now I a forced to read Human Rights: A Very Short History, the concept of which is hilarious but becomes significantly less entertaining in practice! Tomas Paine, thanks, but I only care what you think in the bigger scheme of things. I have absolutely no idea what your exact words were and how eloquent they apparently were at that time...
This book makes me nap...and I haven't even started Antigone yet. But apparently I'm supposed to read this first so I can look at the Text of Antigone through the honed lens of "human rights." Great fun...obviously.


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