May 31, 2009

East of Eden

Hello fellow bibliophiles!

Took me a bit to get this working, but luckily we're all here now.  Let me tell you all about my summer reading.  I have been slowly making my way through East of Eden since I've gotten home.  Although its a very readable book, dense but not overwrought, it's been a surprisingly slow process (my fault, not Mr. Steinbeck's).  I'm about half way through.  I think my opinion about Steinbeck will remain the same.  I dig him a lot, but he's not on my top 10.  

Luckily, my parents are opening an art gallery that I'm going to manage(!).  Hopefully that will give me significantly more reading time.  Also, I've decided that I'm going to make my profile photo correspond with the book I'm reading at the moment, hence the James Dean. 



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  2. GRACE!
    You made it!
    I think in the very first post I made I asked you something... I think it was bible related. Well, related to expanding our knowledge of the bible (don't worry I'm not quoting bible passages to you).

  3. hmmm, I actually just wanted to edit that comment not turn it into "Catrianna Lyn said...
    This post has been removed by the author."
    Because you should know I never said that! It's all lies!