May 28, 2009

Soooo Satanic Verses is still in one of the boxes along with all my other college stuff in the garage... oops. Yeah totally haven't unpacked yet...

I did start the Chronicles of Narnia though! I've read it before but not for a while. I'm reading them in the order of the story set by Lewis (the author... though I think you all know that hehe) rather than the order that they were written. The last time I read them I did it in the order they were written and was a wee bit confused. Anyway, I am now on the third book, The Horse and His Boy, but I forgot how biblical these books are! Mostly the first one, The Magician's Nephew! It's like "Yay, lets create the world!" Of course, due to my lack of character building Sunday school as a kid I can't really make specific comparisons but the lion is obviously Jesus! He's the king who answers to no one except the great power from across the lands! haha So yeah, you should all read it! And I am going to finish these and then go search for Satanic Verses... or I'm just gonna go find it and read it at the same time... hehe. Anne did you even like it? Or was it more like "oh crap, I have to read this," or something?

Grace and Emily! I miss you! What have you gals been up to? or I guess more appropriately for this blog, what have you been reading?! haha.

Also, what are we reading next?

Grace: we talked about studying the bible this summer so we're not out of the loop when it's referenced in literature. You still want to do that?

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