May 29, 2009

Epic Emily Fail

Hello lovelies! How I miss you all. Hope everyone's summer has been going well, and that lots of literary action has been occurring!

Cuz guess what? I bought the Satanic Verses and haven't read a page bahahaha. I'm so sorry. I swear I will start it soon except I'm a bastard and I have been saying that for weeks. But once I start it I promise I will post my initial thoughts and such!

How is everyone else's progress? Read any other books? I read a wee bit of "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac on the airplane to Florida, but unfortunately not enough to comment on it. Seems promising though. Have any of you read it before?

I must be off to bed now, but I like this bloggy thingy and hope to hear from all of you. OFTEN. DO IT.


1 comment:

  1. HI EMMY!!!

    I'm a little less that half way through it at the moment! Yeah, I think I have to start it over though... I stopped reading it months ago and then read about 50 pages while sitting in the Maj doing NOTHING! I'm still bitter... Anywho, I have not read On the Road, What's it about?