June 27, 2009

Grace, I miss you!

So I'm sick I know, surprise surprise and I'm incredibly bored. Still not allowed to do anything... and still feel kinda like butt! well, not exactly true... feel lots better but still SUPER snuffly and coughy.... and has coffee!!!! hahaha... sorry sounds funny if you say it out loud... anywho... Almost done with Satanic Verses.... Haven't got a CLUE what's going on!!!! I need to read this book like 5 million times in addition to the Bible and the Koran before it can even make a dent in my brain. I think Rushdie had many crucially important points that he wanted this book to make but I don't think they ever left his brain. I feel like 98% of what he says is as allusion but he's the only one who knows what it's alluding to! oy! Anyway... gonna have Ma go in search of Everything is Illuminated here soon... hopefully I'll finish Narnia before she finds it... maybe I'll spend today reading... could prolly finish Satan book and maybe two Narnia's... dunno... Might go sit in a camp chair in the backyard and read just to get out of the house. After Narnia and in addition to Illuminated, I think I'm going to read either The Thorn Birds of the Grapes of Wrath... Then again maybe something super random and silly like everything else I read hehe. I'm Dying to get back to Emerson! Only reading I get done there though is required so *shrug*

When are the apartment ladies moving in?

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