June 07, 2009

Someone read something!

I'll talk about mine...
It's always interesting to me the way elements of books are changed to make their movies. I guess I had forgotten the order of events when I saw Prince Caspian for the first time (I think Anne's the only one who's seen it so she may be the only one who cares hehe). But the entire beginning of the movie that's all to do with the Talmorenes and Caspian and such is not how it is in the book. The book begins with the four kids being dragged back to Narnia. The strange thing is both parts, the Caspian and the kids sections, are in the book they're just reversed. makes no sense! Well it kinda does... It really does seem like a more thematic course of events, and seems to make sense that it would be reversed... I just can't explain why... tres bizarre.

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