July 29, 2009

Back from the Moon...

...or Maine. But for all the time spent traveling, it might as well be the same distance away. Which means that I have returned to having regular internet access. Thus my finally getting around to responding to this blog.

I actually picked up American Psycho today, against my mother's rather strong wishes. Apparently she read it and was not impressed. I think that is the first time my mother has ever so much as suggested I not read a book, and it was more than a suggestion. However, that didn't stop me from getting her to buy it for me thanks to my dear brother's wonderful employee discount and Barnes & Noble. (Apparently I need to go away more - my mom likes me more when I come back.)

So, whenever there is a group consensus, I'm happy to start reading. In the interim, I'm still working on Dostoyevsky, which, while slow at first, picked up with 10 hours of travel time yesterday. I also took a break to read Harry Potter 7 again while in Maine, so I'm probably going to continue to re-read those books as well, albeit probably not quite at the same pace as when I was in Maine with you, Kailey.

And as for Arielle agreeing with me, I just checked, and I'm pretty sure that was the sound of hell freezing over. Though you really just can't be having as much sadistic fun without such an easy target. But I promise Kailey did her part for you while I was in Maine. (Still not over the whole jumping me at the end of the movie thing - not cool.)

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  1. Dostoevsky can be slow at times, but he really knows his stuff, haha. I last read The Idiot by him, and ended up loving it.