July 01, 2009

Second Try


Kailey very correctly pointed out to me that we are sucking at book blogging, so I will try much harder.  

I am reading three books right now, because I am an idiot.  They are Infinite Jest (David Foster Wallace--which is my summer Moby Dick, damn 1104 pages), The Selected Plays of James Purdy (my publishing company published it), and The Portrait of a Lady by Henry "Michelle Graham Doesn't Like Me That Much" James.   I'm assuming none of you lovely ladies have read these yet?  I'll let you know how it works out.  I read all of the Chronicles of Narnia series straight through a few years back, and that was probably not the right way to do it, because now I can't distinguish between them.  I do remember, though, that Dawn Treader had a slightly different tone than the others.  What were the Biblical illusions?

So should we all maybe pick a book that we can all read and then discuss it?  I can come up with a recommendation that would appeal to everyone.  Or are we totally off that?  I promise I'll actually read it this time because I do have reading time in my life and also I don't have a television that works.

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