August 05, 2009

Dream that should be a book on our list!

So Gabrielle from Zena Warrior Princess is, in fact, a faerie! Yes, it's true. And the Faerie Queen found out that she and Aladin were desperately in love so she granted her to him. But during an invasion of giant troll things she stepped in front of Aladin to protect him from troll leader who wanted his crayons. In an instant Gabrielle was horribly wounded and the stout little goblin figure that is Aladin's friend (and is sometimes how I see everything that's happening...apparently my subconscious views itself as a stout little goblin thing) realizes that the queen will not be pleased! At this moment the story blurs somewhat to return to my basement, which apparently is the limbo-type world between Aladin's world and the Faerie world. While I'm standing there in goblin mode Aladin climbs out of the dryer, apparently the entrance to Aladin's world, and begins morosely collecting various wood pieces which he says is for Gabrielle's coffin. Shocked, I quickly inquire as to her state of wellbeing...or death, and he informs me that she has yet to die but he can do nothing for her. As he carries what 2 seconds ago were wood pieces and are now crayons through the dryer passage I jump at the vicious screams of the faerie queen from the land up above (the faerie world being up the stairs)! She seems to have discovered the plight of her beloved Gabrielle (maybe it's Zena). The voice is terrifying and shakes the world to it's core! She screams something about revenge and killing and immediately horrible shrieks of pain are heard from above that tell me the Faerie Queen is wreaking havoc on the above world, killing all the nice little faeries! I immediately try to hide anywhere but there really aren't that many good hiding places in my basement! I hear her voice getting nearer and I am getting more and more frantic in my searches for cover but it's no use! I decide that even if I did find a place to hide she is the Faerie Queen and would know where I was anyway... I start to walk back to the little stool I stand on (I guess to make me seem taller when I face the Queen), realizing that I am a second from dying a most horrible death!!!
Then I wake up.... My heart was pounding and I was SO scared!!! Then I realized that I was a goblin frightened of a faerie and Aladin was going to be much worse off so I got up and started getting ready for work... *shrug*

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