August 11, 2009

Through 105

Well, to start out, I've never seen the movie, but Jane told me that there's something with a chain saw during sex or something like that, so I was expecting there to be more violence, although I'm sure it gets there.

I agree with Kailey that the beginning was kind of boring, because even Bateman's obsessiveness over what everyone is wearing just seemed monotonous, not psychotic. Because of that, it was kind of a nice--although disturbing change--when within him listing what people are wearing, he throws in his dark thoughts like wanting to brutally kill someone. I'm still not sure if he's actually killed people. I know he has the bloody sheets at the dry cleaners, but then what does he do with the bodies? Also, because of his extreme prejudices, it seems like he would only kill people who he has met and therefore who are known by others in Bateman's circle of acquaintances. I'm hoping that Ellis will go more into that.

In terms of the chauvinistic element, I find it interesting that it's not just Bateman, but all the men he seems to be acquainted with--especially Price. The only difference between them is that Bateman is actually psychotic, although I'm sure it could be argued that Price is psychotic in his own way. I find it interesting though that there are no female characters who challenge the men's chauvinistic beliefs, which like Kailey said, does put Ellis' own beliefs into question. At first, I was thinking that it's just because Bateman sees every woman as dumb or lesser than him, but I think it would be really interesting if there was actually someone who challenged his belief. For example, take the part where Bateman and his friends are talking about how there are only two types of women: hot and dumb or ugly and smart--I think it would be great if he were confronted by a woman who was hot and smart. I'm sure he would have some sort of psychotic reaction to that, but it would still be really interesting to see that unfold, especially because I find it annoying that all the women we've encountered so far are so pitiful.

I'm looking forward to Bateman really cracking, because I really would like less of his narration on clothing and brands and more actual plot instead. I'm trying to think if there's anything else that jumped out at me, but I can't think of it right now. Based on Kailey's last comment, I'm guessing there will be more to talk about coming up.

As far as what to read up to next, I'm really fine with anything. I would say we could finish it by the 20th? I don't know if that's too soon for anyone, but that way we could finish before I leave for RA training, only because I have no idea what my time is going to be like once I'm back.

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