August 11, 2009

Psycho Killer, Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Admittedly, I saw the movie before I read the book. Also admittedly, I am almost done with the book. My apologies :/ But I will only discuss up to 105, which I believe was the page we all decided on.

Anywho, I will try not to ramble only because I have to get ready for work soon. In short, this book is hilarious. A perfect satire of the neo-yuppie-Wall Street-business-type (best adjective I could think of) world that young people, especially in the 80's when the book takes place, were being sucked into. The violence and sexism, although not very subtle at all, is in my opinion completely appropriate, as this world of complete excess that these men have been sucked into is completely vapid and materialistic. One of my favorite elements of the beginning chapters, and throughout the book, is how the men always confuse each other for different colleagues, and no one really knows who they're talking to at any moment. How each of them, despite wearing a different Valentino suit and Bill Blass tie, is completely and exactly the same.

I will agree that the beginning few chapters, up until his date with Courtney, are a little boring. They're just sort of Ellis' introduction into this shallow yuppie world that Patrick lives in. He is so passionate about such mundane things, like popular music and designer fashion, so as to blend in with and go unnoticed among his colleagues, since we can come to detect he has much to hide from them. The chapter where he goes through his daily grooming routine is one of the best things I've read (and also is one of the best scenes in the movie). Also loved the scene with the business cards - how something so seemingly mundane to us could drive him into a panic. As someone who has seen the movie, it was very surprising to see the total lack of violence in the first third or so of the book, since for those who have seen the movie, this is not the case.

Ahh I gotta get going but will hopefully write more later! Let's hear some more input!

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